A Short Paragraph on TEACHER I LIKE THE MOST – Pakilminfo

Teacher I Like The Most Paragraph

Teacher I Like The Most Paragraph The Holy Prophet said: “You have three parents namely: your father, your teacher and your father-in-law.” This saying lays stress on the importance of these relations. I have many teachers but Mr. Akbar is my best teacher. He is an M.A. B.Ed. He is our teacher-in-charge. He teaches us …

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A Short Paragraph on A Fortune Teller – Pakilminfo

A Fortune Teller Paragraph

A Fortune Teller Paragraph  Everybody wishes to know about his future. A person who predicts our future is called a ‘Fortune Teller’. A fortune-teller is very clever. He is a psychologist. He can guess the problem of a man who comes to him. He looks at his hands and draws some figures and lines on …

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A Short Paragraph on A Street Quarrel – Pakilminfo

A Street Quarrel Paragraph

A Street Quarrel Paragraph Latif and Azeem lived on the same street. One day, Latif’s younger brother was playing with a ball. Azeem’s brother snatched the ball and went to his house. Latif knocked on the door of Azeem. When Azeem came out Latif began to call his names. Soon they began to exchange hot …

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A Short Paragraph on A Picnic Party – Pakilminfo

A Picnic Party Paragraph

A Picnic Party Paragraph  It was the month of July. Some of my friends arranged a picnic party. The venue chosen for the party was Changa-Manga. We hired a wagon and reached our destination at about 2. p.m. There were many green plots in front of us. The whole park was full of many visiting …

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A Short Paragraph on Basant – Pakilminfo

Short Paragraph on Basant

Short Paragraph on Basant  This festival comes in the second week of February. It is thought that the winter season has ended. It is the festival of kite flying. It is very popular among the people. They compete with one another in kite flying. When a kite is cut they shout with joy at their …

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A Short Paragraph on Pakistani Women

Pakistani Women Paragraph

Pakistani Women Paragraph The women of Pakistan are working in almost all spheres of life in our country. Though the scope for women in Pakistan was limited previously. It can be seen now that women are working satisfactorily in every walk of life. Previously teaching and nursing were deemed professions for women but due to …

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A Short Paragraph on A Road Accident – Pakilminfo

A Road Accident Paragraph

A Road Accident Paragraph A few days ago, I had to go to Multan from Faisalabad. The bus was new and comfortable. There were only 25 passengers on the bus. The driver was driving a bit fast. A truck was coming at full speed from the opposite side. The truck driver tried to overtake the …

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A Short Paragraph on A Meena Bazzar – Pakilminfo

A Meena Bazaar Paragraph

A Meena Bazaar Paragraph  At our school, a Meena Bazaar was held in the last week of November. It was held to collect money for the Hilal-e-Ahmar. The girls had set up stalls in which pakoras, fruit-chat, Shami-kababs and chicken sticks were available. A teacher had set up a confectionery shop. The ladies were purchasing …

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A Short Paragraph on An Industrial Exhibition – Pakilminfo

An Industrial Exhibition Paragraph

An Industrial Exhibition Paragraph The purpose of the Industrial Exhibition is to intimate the public with the products made in Pakistan. Industrial exhibitions are arranged throughout the country. In Lahore, it is organized near the Fortress stadium on the occasion of the Horse and Cattle Show. Once I went to see the exhibition with my parents. …

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