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Teacher I Like The Most Paragraph

The Holy Prophet said: “You have three parents namely: your father, your teacher and your father-in-law.” This saying lays stress on the importance of these relations. I have many teachers but Mr. Akbar is my best teacher. He is an M.A. B.Ed. He is our teacher-in-charge. He teaches us English, Mathematics and Islamic Studies. His method of teaching is very nice and attractive. He is very able intelligent and hardworking. He is never late for school. He calls the roll and starts his lesson.

He is fifty-five years. He has a smiling face, bright eyes and grey hair. He wears a simple but neat and clean dress. He maintains strict discipline in class. He always instructs the students to fear Allah and follows the right path. He advises us to follow the instructions given by the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet. Most of his students have become sincere followers of religion. He has made us true patriots He shows very high results. He is an ideal teacher. He is loved and respected by everybody for his sweet and scholarly habits. I am proud of him. May he live long!

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