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A Picnic Party Paragraph

 It was the month of July. Some of my friends arranged a picnic party. The venue chosen for the party was Changa-Manga. We hired a wagon and reached our destination at about 2. p.m. There were many green plots in front of us. The whole park was full of many visiting parties. We found a suitable shady place in the park. We settled there. We were awfully hungry. We spread the dining sheet and took out the edibles. We ate the food to the fill. We took a rest for a while. Changa Manga is an artificial forest. Special arrangements have been made for the recreation of the visitors.

There is a beautiful lake in it. The bridges made over the lake are shaky and e flexible. There is a big zoo in the forest in which many animals have been kept. There are many tuck shops in the park. The prominent attraction of this part is its circular Railway Train. The visitors may have a complete visit to the whole forest by means of it. We got on the train. It passed through the thick forest. We enjoyed our picnic very much. Now it was evening. We got on our wagon and reached our destination back. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. 

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