A Short Paragraph on A Street Quarrel – Pakilminfo

A Street Quarrel Paragraph

Latif and Azeem lived on the same street. One day, Latif’s younger brother was playing with a ball. Azeem’s brother snatched the ball and went to his house. Latif knocked on the door of Azeem. When Azeem came out Latif began to call his names. Soon they began to exchange hot words. Then they used their fists to blow with each other. Latif gave a blow to Azeem on his nose. It began to bleed. Some passers-by tried to sort out the matter. Azeem threw a brick at Latif. His head began to bleed. He was taken to the hospital. He remained there for a week. The old people of the streets gathered and brought them round. They again became friends. We should be calm and quiet and avoid picking up a quarrel.

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