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A Fortune Teller Paragraph

 Everybody wishes to know about his future. A person who predicts our future is called a ‘Fortune Teller’. A fortune-teller is very clever. He is a psychologist. He can guess the problem of a man who comes to him. He looks at his hands and draws some figures and lines on a slate. He tells him about his past. He tells him that his stars are not in his favor. He gives him some printed hands of Hazrat Ali R.A. He tells him now he will be successful in every field of life. Some fortune-tellers have cards before them.

A parrot comes out of a cage and picks a card. The card shows the future of the customer. These fortune-tellers can be near seen sitting on the footpath of the courts and shrines of saints. They earn their bread and butter by befooling the simple people. They satisfy the illiterate people by saying that they will get soon whatever they wish.

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