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A True Muslim Essay (Easy)

A man who lives according to the teachings of Islam is called a Muslim. A true Muslim has a firm belief in Allah and His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He knows that Allah is the Creator of everything in this universe. Allah is aware of even every impulse taking place in our minds.

Therefore, a true Muslim speaks the truth and does right. He believes that he will be held answerable for his deeds in the next world. A true Muslim says his prayers five times a day. He tries to share the sorrows and sufferings of his relatives, friends and neighbors.

The life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a model for him. Islam is a practical and universal religion. Like all ages, its rules and conducts can be practiced in the present also. He believes that Islam is a perfect religion. It offers a solution to all his problems. Islam lays stress on the just distribution of wealth in society.

A system of Zakat has been set up by Islam. It reduces poverty. A true Muslim pays Zakat to the poor once a year A true Muslim believes that the Holy Quran is the last message of Allah. There can be no change in it up to the day of judgment. It was revealed by Allah to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is full of knowledge and wisdom.

It shows the path of peace and salvation. A true Muslim recites it daily with care and love. Hajj is a duty binding on every Muslim who has enough money to perform it.

A true Muslim surrenders himself to Allah and promises to obey Him whole-heartedly. He is always ready to shed his blood for the sake of Islam. He respects the faith of other people. He is clean in his thoughts and words. He always prays to Allah to show him the right path.


“Indeed, the religion to Allah is Islam.” Al-Imran, 3:19

Who is A Muslim?

He, who believes in Islam as his religion is called a Muslim. He is one who has a firm belief in ALLAH and his Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He believes in Angles, on the day of resurrection and the Holy Quran. All the followers of Islam are called Muslims. Being a Muslim is a great blessing of Allah but there is little difference between a Muslim and a true Muslim.

Who is A True Muslim

He who believes in the five pillars of Islam is a Muslim. But a true Muslim is one who follows the teachings of Islam in a true sense. He surrenders himself completely in obedience to Allah. He lives life according to the Sunnah of the Rasool (PBUH) and the commandments of the Holy Qur’an.

He knows that the joys and sorrows of this world are temporary He never does things that Islam forbids. He spends his life according to the teachings of the Quran. He knows if he does anything wrong. He will be held answerable.

Characteristics of a True Muslim

A True Muslim Has a Firm Belief in Allah and His Last Prophet (PBUH)

A true Muslim firmly believes in Allah and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is his belief that Allah has created everything in this universe. Allah is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. He created the whole world. Nothing is possible without his permission.

He knows that Allah is watching over his deeds. He always bows his head to Allah. It is his faith that Allah is the creator of everything. That is why he does good deeds and avoids evils. He follows the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

A True Muslim is Clean and Pure:

A true Muslim never defiles himself. He is a clean and pure human being. If he considers himself unclean, the first thing to do is to clean himself.

The cleanliness is half the faith.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

The Rasool of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized a lot on cleanliness, A person cannot be faithful if he does not pay attention to personal cleanliness. A true Muslim knows that he cannot worship until he has cleansed himself. But there are some exemptions under certain circumstances.

A True Muslim Leads a Simple Life:

A true Muslim leads a simple life. The “simple way of life” is the hallmark of Islam and the essential component of the believer of Islam. Human nature has abominable attributes like malice and envy. That is why mutual enmity and hatred arise. In such a situation, a person keeps an eye on others’ property and wants to get all this either.

When you bowed before others than Allah, neither your body nor your soul is yours

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

But a good Muslim never desires such things. He earns his livelihood by honest means. He believes that God will never starve him.  He does not beg for things. He does not bow down his self-respect. The followers of Islam live like a family. They give zakat to poor people so they can live a good life.

A True Muslim Never Harms Others:

A Muslim does not harm anyone. He takes care of his family, relatives and neighbors.

“A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand other Muslims are safe”

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

All the social teachings of the Quran revolve around this basic principle that every Muslim be careful in his every word and deed. His movements did not cause any physical, mental, emotional, or financial harm to anyone.

But this does not mean that it is permissible to cause harm by any means other than the hand and the tongue. Obviously, the real purpose is to prevent all kinds of harm. But since most of the suffering comes from the hands and the tongue, they are specifically mentioned.

Do good to others, definitely, Allah loves those who do good to others.

He Does not Take Revenge upon Anyone:

A true Muslim never takes revenge. He always takes the initiative to forgive others. He does not kill people as he knows it is forbidden in Islam. He always loves everyone.

A true Muslim is one with whom people are satisfied in their blood and wealth

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

He Never Indulges in Ambiguities:

It is undoubtedly wrong for a Muslim to suffer from evils and sins. But to accuse someone of sins and evils is far worse.  One of the evils that are spreading like a plague in our society is slander and false accusation. False accusations such as theft, bribery, immorality, betrayal, and murder have ruined the peace of our domestic, business, and office life.  

But a good Muslim never indulges in ambiguities. He does not comment before a complete search or knowledge. He always thinks before talking. He always speaks with authenticity. He knows that his one wrong word can harm the whole life of a person. He himself always speaks the truth.

Those who harm Muslim men and women by accusing them of no crime. Surely they bear the burden of great slander and open sin.

Al- Quran سورہ احزاب:58

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