Write a Dialogue Between Two Friends on the Importance of Reading Books

Today I am going to write a dialogue between two friends on the importance of reading books. In the free period, two friends meet and have a conversation on the topic of reading books.

Dialogue About the Importance of Reading Books

Irshad: You are sitting on the ground here. How long have I been looking for you in college?
Niaz: Why? are you all right?
Irshad: I lost my library card, man. It will take some time to create a new card. Just give me your card so I can get the books out of the library.

Niaz: I don’t even have a card.
Irshad: (Surprisingly asked) what?
Niaz: I didn’t even make a card.
Irshad: why?
Niaz: Because I don’t need it.

Irshad: Every student needs it. All students read books from the library.
Niaz: But I’m not interested. I haven’t been to the library yet because I think it’s a waste of time.

Irshad: I think you are more inclined towards sports, that’s why you think books are useless.
Niaz: Play is the best use of time. You know I’m the vice-captain of the hockey team, and that’s why the whole college respects me. I’m also in good health.

Irshad: What are you talking about as an educated person? Reading books is not a waste of time. A book is a treasure trove of knowledge, a ship of literature, and a stepping stone to character interpretation.
Niaz: These are just words to say. A man himself makes his character.

Irshad: You are right, sports play an important role in fitness and health. But reading books along with sports is very important as they increase our knowledge and ability.

Niaz: Well, books increase knowledge, but textbooks are a little more readable. I do not read the textbooks completely and correctly. There are many to read, only to prepare for the exam.

Irshad: Reading textbooks is a duty and need of every student. But we should study other books along with textbooks. So that, we have not only degrees but also knowledge. I love to read books, so I read one book every week.

Niaz: What will you do after reading so many books? If you are doing FA. BA to get a job somewhere, we will get it based on sports.
Irshad: I study more to increase my knowledge, not for a job. And come to the library with me. You don’t take books, but I have to take them.
Niaz: Ok, I will go with you. But I will not take the book.
Both enter the library and look at the books in the cupboards and on the racks.

Irshad: Did you like a book
Niaz: Seeing a book about the great hockey players here, I also want to get a book
Both read the newspaper and go to the librarian to make cards.
Irshad: As soon as you come to the library, your thoughts change. That’s why I told you to read.

Niaz: You were right books provide all kinds of knowledge. I will continue to read books.
Irshad: You have made a good decision. I had hoped for this.
Niaz: Thank you for your guidance.
The bell rings, and both leave for classes.

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