Letter to Your Friend for Condolence Mother’s Death

Today I am going to write a letter of condolence to a friend on the death of his mother.

Letter to Your Friend for Condolence Mother’s Death

Examination Hall
City A.B.C.
May 16, 2021
My Dear Friend,
Assalam o Alaikum

This sad news came from the morning post that your mother has passed away after a short illness.
Brother Aslam, what can I say? This sorrowful news brought doomsday to my heart and mind. Sitting for a long time, I couldn’t believe that she had left the world forever.

I am doubly saddened by the death of your mother. Because to me, she was not only your mother but had the status of a kind mother to me. She used to call me her son. Like you, she cared for me in every way. Her words of advice and prayers saved me from all kinds of trouble. My friend, I understand your grief. When the mother-like entity is gone, the human world becomes desolate.

All the relationships in the world are based on greed in one way or another. But the relationship of parents, especially mothers, is based on only sincerity. When a person has the slightest pain or suffering, the word mother comes out of his mouth. Mother is a symbol of love and compassion. A mother is an entity whose heart will always pray for her children. There is no substitute for a mother.

Brother Aslam, whoever comes into this world has to leave sooner or later.
Every living soul has to taste death.
My friend, you are the eldest of the siblings in the house. Create encouragement within yourself. Man is helpless before the will of Allah Almighty. What will happen to your siblings if you lose heart in this difficult time? Dad will also be very upset and he will feel helpless. It is now your responsibility to take care of Dad. There is no choice but to be patient on such an occasion.

Bring regularity in the performing of prayers. Pray to Allah Almighty for their forgiveness. She brought you up very well. Your good deeds will continue charity for her.

I am saying with great sadness that no one informed me of his death in time. Otherwise, I would have participated.
May Allah Almighty grant her a place in His mercy and keep you all healthy and safe. Ameen

Your Sincerely Friend
Name X.Y.Z.

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