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A Visit to A Historical Place Paragraph

 A visit to a historical place means peeping into our past. It was Sunday. My friends Sobia, Rabia, Naila and Noviha came to me. We decided to visit the Tomb of Jahangir. This tomb is situated at Shahdara. It is four miles away from Lahore, on the right bank of the river Ravi. We hired a taxi and reached the Tomb of Jahangir. We entered through the main gate. There were many grassy plots there. We saw a lot of shady trees there. Birds were chirping in the trees. The sight was very charming. We were overjoyed.

Flowers of different kinds and colors were growing in the flower beds. They were very fragrant. A grand marble building stands in the Garden.  The great Mughal emperor Jahangir is buried in it. We offered Fatiha there. A lofty minaret stands at each corner of the building. We greatly admired the masons of the past for their skill and intelligence. This great tomb was built by Shahjehan. Now we were tired and hungry. We sat under a shady tree. We ate cakes and fruit. After it, we took a rest for an hour. Now the sun was about to set. We hired a taxi and reached home. 

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