A Short Paragraph on Basant – Pakilminfo

Short Paragraph on Basant

 This festival comes in the second week of February. It is thought that the winter season has ended. It is the festival of kite flying. It is very popular among the people. They compete with one another in kite flying. When a kite is cut they shout with joy at their top of voice “Bo Katta.” Kites of different colors and sizes are seen in the sky. Some people use bugles, beat drums and raise slogans. People enjoy this festival with great zeal. They use floodlights and fly kites at night. They invite their relatives to come to their city and share their joys. They provide them with a variety of food to eat.

But this hobby is very dangerous. It is a wastage of time and money. Some children fall off roofs and they become handicapped. Sometimes, the sharp, strong and twisted thread of a kite cuts the throat of motorbike riders and they die. At some places the metal string of a kite causes electrocutions and in this way, some precious lives are lost. There are also. power failures due to this metal string. In this way, this hobby causes wastage of life and money. Therefore kite flying has been banned by the government 

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