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An Industrial Exhibition Paragraph

The purpose of the Industrial Exhibition is to intimate the public with the products made in Pakistan. Industrial exhibitions are arranged throughout the country. In Lahore, it is organized near the Fortress stadium on the occasion of the Horse and Cattle Show. Once I went to see the exhibition with my parents. Many industrial units displayed their products in big stalls. These stalls included textiles, ready-made garments, electric goods, handicrafts, household items glassware, furniture, utensils of stainless steel and sports goods.

The prices were less than the market rates. People were buying goods of their choice at reduced prices. There was great hustle and bustle. Every stall was crowded with people. We went around the fair and saw each stall. My parents bought some cloth, glass wares and crockery. In the evening we came back. In fact, the industrial fairs go a long way in popularizing the products of the country.

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