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How to Keep Our Town Clean Paragraph

Cleanliness is half faith in Islam. It is well known  saying “Where there is cleanliness there is Godliness.” Islam is the religion of cleanliness. It teaches its followers to remain mentally physically and spiritually clean. Our Holy Prophet used to sweep his room himself. His companions also followed his ‘noble example. A neat and clean environment has a cheerful effect. It is our duty to keep our town clean. We should develop an awareness of cleanliness among our masses.

We should not throw garbage in the streets. We should not throw fruit and vegetable peels in front of our houses. Plastic bags and rubbish from our houses should not be thrown into the gutters. We should plant trees and flower beds for a healthy atmosphere. We should co-operate with the sanitation staff of the Municipal Corporation. In this way, we will be able to keep our town clean. 

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