A Short Paragraph on A Meena Bazzar – Pakilminfo

A Meena Bazaar Paragraph

 At our school, a Meena Bazaar was held in the last week of November. It was held to collect money for the Hilal-e-Ahmar. The girls had set up stalls in which pakoras, fruit-chat, Shami-kababs and chicken sticks were available. A teacher had set up a confectionery shop. The ladies were purchasing sweets for their children. Other teachers had their stalls too. They sold hairpin rings bangles and handkerchiefs.

A girl was selling balloons that were being purchased by the children. A girl had set up her stall on the pavement. She was selling toys. Senior students had assistants with them. The mothers of the students had come to see the function. They purchased many things from their daughters. A merry-go-round was also available. Many girls, children and women were having a joy ride. There was a great rush there. Our principal donated the sale money to the local Hilal-e-Ahmar society. 

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