A Short Paragraph on Pakistani Women

Pakistani Women Paragraph

The women of Pakistan are working in almost all spheres of life in our country. Though the scope for women in Pakistan was limited previously. It can be seen now that women are working satisfactorily in every walk of life. Previously teaching and nursing were deemed professions for women but due to a suitable increase in the number of women in the country, many new professions are now open for competition for women as well. A woman, now, cannot be kept limited to her house.

The reason for this is the rapid increase of women population which is nearly fifty-one percent of the total population. Pakistani women, nowadays, are working in banks, offices, private firms, hotels, departmental stores, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, government offices, etc. They have joined the Armed Forces as well and are even flying aircraft of Pakistan Air Force. Indeed, the road to the success of a country is incomplete without the participation of women.

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