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Wonder of Science Essay 300 Words

Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouse of nature.


Introduction: Modern age is the age of science. Many wonderful discoveries and inventions have been made by science. It has made our life easier and more comfortable. Science plays a vital role in our daily life. With its help even impossible things are possible now. There are many wonders of science such as electricity, internet, computer, robots and many more.

Electricity: The invention of electricity has brought an incredible change in human civilization. It serves us in many ways. It lights our houses, roads and offices. It gives us cool and warm air. It runs our machines, factories and workshops. The presence of electricity has removed darkness from the world.

Means of Transport and Communication: Buses, cars, trains, ships and airplanes are the greatest wonder of science. We can reach any part of the world safely within a few hours. Science also developed a way of communication. With the help of telephone, wireless email, and internet, the world has shrunk into a small village. Using the internet we can talk live with our friends and family members easily. Audio and video calls through the internet are the fastest modes of communication. The invention of mobile and Internet has reduced the distance between people.

Medical Science: Science has done wonderful work in the medical field. Many new medicines have been invented. Many fatal diseases like cancer are cured through science. Also with the help of science, the functioning of various organs in the body is checked by scientific instruments and diseases are correctly diagnosed.

Agriculture: science has helped us in the development of agriculture. The use of fertilizers and better quality seeds has increased crop production. New tools, like tractors, harvesters and automated machines have modernized agriculture techniques.

Computer: Computer is another wonder of science. It is being used in every field of life. It has solved many problems. Computers can do complex calculations and work quickly.

Conclusion: Science is indeed a boon. It is very beneficial to modern man. But innovations and discoveries have also become destructive in various ways for mankind. We must ensure the wise use of these scientific inventions in order to save the world from the evil side of science.

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity. We should not distort it.

APJ Abdul Kalam

Wonder of Science Essay 1400 Words Long Essay

Introduction to Wonder of Science

A few centuries ago man traveled on horses, camels and ox carts. It took several hours to travel a few miles. Today he flies from one end of the world to the other in a matter of hours. In the past, lamps were used for lighting. Now you just press a button and the whole atmosphere glows. In the past, messaging was difficult and slow. It took several days to connect from one area to another. Today is the age of mobile phones. Everyone carries with them the means of communication from all over the world. All these changes and conveniences have been made possible by the grace of science, they are all wonder of science.

Facilities in Human Life

Science has changed human life. Human life has become extremely comfortable. It has left humans with very little work to do. There are so many facilities around him. Take a look around you at this time and you will see many breath charms around you. We all listen to the radio and watch TV in our daily lives. News from across the globe reaches us in a matter of minutes. We enjoy the match being played thousands of miles away at home. This is the perfection of the development of science. TV, radio, telephone, airplane and ship have been invented for a long time, so the people are well aware of the usefulness and importance of these inventions. After these great inventions, the series of scientific conquests has not stopped but has accelerated.

Robots: The invention of Science

In the recent past, science has shown some wonders about which the people have very little knowledge. Robots are an amazing invention of science. You could call him a robot but it moves and works like a human. Scientists are improving their ability to receive orders. In the past, robots used to do the work of ordinary housemaids, but now their memory and ability have been enhanced so much that they can even perform surgery.

Remote: An Automated Control System

Remote control system is another wonder of science. It has freed man from the hassle of pressing a button by shaking it from its place. TV taps and air conditioners can now be operated remotely while sitting or lying down. Large stores have automatic cold drink stalls. Put money in them and get a drink to quench your thirst. Similarly, banks have installed such machinery in which the required amount can be obtained by inserting a card. It’s all about the perfection of the automated system, which is determined to do everything without human help.

Fax Machine:

The use of the telephone is common in daily life but the use of fax is very limited. What is a fax? You can think of it as an electric telephone. One of your notes is inserted into the machine and just like a phone call, the next minute, a print of the same paper is received in the USA, England or Saudi Arabia. This miraculous machinery is called fax machine. Above all it made the man free from the hassle of buying stamps, posting letters and waiting for a reply. Because in the modern world, time is the greatest wealth and fax saves time.

Computer: A Modern Wonder of Science

The computer is no longer a stranger to us, but many people consider it their best friend. It’s also a great way to save time, energy and money. A computer performs calculations, designing and medical tests. Information and entertainment from around the world are available on the Internet. With the help of computers, you can talk to your loved ones like the telephone. In addition, if a special camera is attached to the computer, you can not only hear but also see the picture of your friends, family and relatives. It also comes at a relatively low cost. The computer can accommodate the entire library. A small thin disk carries the load of the whole book.

Solutions of Problems with the Help of Science:

The new way of living that science has given to human life has brought some problems with it too. Science has not given up on these problems but has found solutions to them. Science invented the motor vehicle. When there was a shortage of petrol due to the abundance of motors, science showed us the way to CNG. Now a significant number of vehicles fill the streets with CNG. Similarly, masks have been invented to prevent contamination. There are filters to clean contaminated water. Plants have also been introduced for the disposal of toxic industrial waste.

Advances in Medical Science:

The amazing advances in medical science deserve a separate and detailed review. Fifty or sixty years ago, TB was considered an incurable disease, but today cancer is also treatable. Finding a boy or girl in a mother’s womb has become an old thing. Now science is giving man the choice whether he wants a son or a daughter. The technique of test-tube babies for childless couples is the wonder of science. Lighting the eyes of the visually impaired, heart bypass surgery, liver transplantation and kidney cleansing is common today because it is the age of science. Scientists have successfully experimented with creating many living things of the same shape and form through being able to produce fifty photocopies of a single human being. The only reason this experiment isn’t workable is because of its moral status. Imagine how the presence of human beings of the same shape and form can create serious problems in society.

Disadvantages of Science

Science has given man the privilege of ruling the oceans and the skies. Thanks to such wonders of science, he was able to find the hidden treasures in the heart of the earth. His life was very safe and comfortable but there were many disadvantages of scientific progress. The inventors of life-saving drugs have also developed the atomic bomb, the devastation of which cannot be described in writing. It takes. the lives of millions of people in a matter of seconds.

When science invented machines, human life also became mechanized. Feelings of mutual love and tolerance began to wane. Today’s man considers caring for his neighbor as a waste of time and is busy chatting on the internet. Science has put an end to human private life. You can no longer hide from the eyes of the world. Even Mobile phone ringtones are also used during prayers in mosques.

In ancient times there was no concept of traffic accidents but nowadays it has become a norm. The faster and more modern the ride, the more deadly the accident will be. The death tolls in plane and train accidents go up to hundreds.

The pursuit of modern and deadly weapons has become the world’s biggest problem. All agencies, including the United Nations, the European Union and the OIC, agree that nuclear weapons must be kept in the highest possible position. If these deadly weapons fall into the hands of irresponsible elements or radioactive material begins to emanate from them. Otherwise, our beautiful world will end sooner than later.

Penicillin is invented in the laboratory and explosives are also reduced in the laboratory itself. It is understood that animals are killed with a sharp knife, but the same knife can also be used to cut a person’s throat. The conquest of the universe is the goal of human life and science is the means to achieve this goal. Along with scientific progress, the moral and spiritual training of human beings must be taken care of so that science does not take away humanity from human beings on an animal level. Don’t take them but make them better human beings. Science and other sciences are the means of creating ease and comfort in his life.


Science has dazzled the human eye. In the bright light of modern inventions, he is not giving importance to moral values ​​and spirituality. The world of humanity in general and the world of Islam in particular need to consider this issue. Science and its inventions must be used for the welfare of humanity. Otherwise, scientific progress will put the world in a very negative and dangerous situation. I wish! Today’s man should realize the delicacy of the situation and try to promote mutual brotherhood, tolerance and peace along with science so that this beautiful world of ours may continue to shine with the wonders of science. 

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