A Dialogue Between Voter and Candidate

Here I am going to write a Dialogue Between Voter and Candidate. A young candidate running in the election goes door to door asking for votes and expressing his love for the homeland and determination to develop the country. The following is a conversation with an elder in a house.

Dialogue Between Voter and Candidate

Candidate: Hello,
Voter: Hello, who do you want to meet?
Candidate: My name is Sajjad Abbasi and I am a candidate for the MPA seat in my constituency.
Voter: Well, you are Sajjad Abbasi! Let me open the door.
Candidate: (Sitting in the chair) The fact is that I have come to ask you to vote for me.
Voter: That’s fine – but first, tell me something about yourself and your education.
Candidate: I have done MA in Political Science and I intend to serve the country and the nation if I win the next election.
Voter: You have very good feelings but in our country, this wrong attitude has been developed that our people’s representatives have a lot of enthusiasm for the development of the country but as soon as they come into government, they turn the tide on the hopes of the people.
Candidate: Sir, all this is the result of the selection of wrong representatives. The people should think and vote only for qualified and educated people. If newly educated people are given a chance then good results can be achieved.
Voter: How is it possible to choose a good candidate and ruler? In the beginning, every candidate expresses his efforts and ambitions for the development of the country and the nation, but as soon as he comes into the government, everything becomes limited to promises.
Candidate: In this regard, people who are brought up in an Islamic environment should be selected.
You are right, but today’s rulers, where they have distanced themselves from religion, are seen sucking the blood of the poor.
Candidate: This is because our people vote for people who are thieves and looters and they come to the government and start filling their stomachs instead of the people.
Voter: Today we have the luxurious life of the rulers of the country while on the other hand there are people who are struggling with hunger, poverty and ignorance and are being crushed in the mill of injustice.
Candidate: This is true, but I want to be a people-friendly ruler because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The best of people is the one who is most beneficial to others.”
Voter: I am convinced of your ability. Indeed, our new generation is very talented and intelligent.
Candidate: Sir, this is the result of the compassion of elders like you, otherwise what are we young people worthy of
Voter: No, son, competence involves a lot of human effort.
Candidate: So, sir, let me consider you voting for me.
Voter: Yes, why not? I am proud that now there are spouts in my nation because of whom the country is in safe hands.
Candidate: Thank you, sir. Please allow me to meet many more people.
(Candidate leaves for next house with the permission of elder)

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