Write A Dialogue About Teachers Respect with Quotations

Here I am going to write A Dialogue About Teachers Respect with Quotations.

Dialogue About Teachers Respect

Shoaib and Umair are classmates. It’s time for a break in school. Suddenly two students start fighting in the hall. Professor Muhammad Saleem forbids them to fight but one student treats them arrogantly. Shoaib is surprised and says to Umair.
Shoaib: See how lowly an honorable person is being treated.
Umair: This is nothing new. Today, teachers are no longer respected in our society.
Shoaib: This is not a way to talk to a teacher.
Umair: Students who are rude to teachers are often bullied.
Shoaib: The teacher is the person from whom the new society is formed, as Maulana Zafar Ali Khan had said while advising his son, “Respect the teacher, son, this is the person who has to create the future.”
Umair: Hazrat Amir Khosrow had said that “teachers are the emperor that if a dove comes and sits on their palace then when it flies it will not be a dove but a hawk.”
Shoaib: Teaching is a sacred profession, about which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Indeed, I have been sent as a teacher.”
Umair: It is said that at one time the teacher was highly respected. The great kings and princes used to straighten the shoes of their teachers.
Shoaib: Of course, teachers not only teach us to read and write but also teach us to understand life, teach us good manners and make us good human beings.
Umair: You are right, these books and syllabi give us information but teachers make us good people.
Shoaib: The teacher is the entity that imparts the hidden knowledge to the student.
Umair: But more than a hundred evils have spread in our society and that is the disrespect of teachers. Some students find the teacher’s reprimand an insult.
Shoaib: The reprimand of teachers is also useful for us, they use bitter words for our own betterment. But on closer inspection, bitter words are much sweeter to us.
Umair: But today’s students do not pay attention to the respect of teachers and this is a vile failure that destroys the students.
Shoaib: The name of Alexander the Great must have been heard. About his teacher Aristotle, He says, “My father brought me down from heaven to earth, and my teacher took me from earth to heaven.”
Umair: But unfortunately, this ritual of respect has disappeared from our society and I think it has a fundamental role in the decline of society.
Shoaib: Civilized nations still respect their teachers. People who come from other countries say that in these societies the teacher is looked upon with the highest respect. Teachers are preferred everywhere in the office, on buses, in public places.
Umair: Yes man, not only do the students respect their teacher but the whole society respects the teacher very much.
Shoaib: You have rightly said that in societies where the teacher is respected and the students also respect their teachers, those societies must develop.
Umair: Why is our respect for our teachers declining?
Shoaib: There are many reasons for this. Illegal wealth, incompetent people holding high positions, distance from religion and materialism are some of the important reasons for this.
Umair: I don’t know what today’s students think of themselves. Maybe they are not aware of the position of teachers.
Shoaib: The acquaintances are well known but in some institutions, they are slandered under the guise of self-confidence.
Umair: May God give wisdom to our youth and help them to respect their teachers.
Shoaib: Amen.
“When the break bell rings, the two friends walk to their respective classrooms.”

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