A Dialogue Between Doctor and Patient

Here I am going to write a dialogue between doctor and patient.

Dialogue Between Doctor and Patient

The doctor is sitting in his clinic. A person enters the clinic, sits on an empty chair and addresses the doctor.

Patient: Hello Doctor.
Doctor: Hello! How did you come?
Patient: The one who comes to you is the one who is caught in disasters and accidents.
Doctor: What disease have you got?
Patient: Doctor, I have come to you for diagnosis. My chest hurts intermittently.
Doctor: (Picks up the stethoscope and puts it on the patient’s chest) Just cough.
(The patient barely coughs for a few moments. The doctor is busy diagnosing him. The doctor then checks the patient’s blood pressure.)

Doctor: There is no cough etc, and your chest is also fine.
Patient: Then what is the problem doctor?
Doctor: Your blood pressure is 90-150.
Patient: What does ninety-150 mean?
Doctor: This means that the blood circulation in your veins has become very fast.
Patient: Is there anything wrong with that?
Doctor: This can lead to heart vein destruction, which can lead to heart attack and brain vein destruction which can cause death.
Patient: (Patient gets confused on hearing this) Please prescribe some medicine for its prevention.

Doctor: I will write the prescription but you have to take some precautions in this regard otherwise the medicine will not be of any use.
Patient: What precautions?
Doctor: The biggest precaution is to never take any tension. Take a walk early in the morning. Use less fat and avoid smoking.
Patient: Dr. it is very difficult to get rid of tension. It is impossible for a worker to get rid of tension.
Doctor: Also, get an electrogram test so that chest pain does not result in heart failure and this test will definitely show me.

Patient: Well, doctor, give me this prescription.
(The doctor tears the prescription from the pad and handovers it to the patient. Seeing the names of three or four medicines, the patient’s forehead becomes flushed.)
Patient: Don’t you over-prescribe these medications doctor?
Doctor: No, you have to use another prescription to avoid the side effects of one prescription. You should come back to me in three days.
Patient: Dr. will come if the pocket allows. At the moment, taking medicine is the biggest problem
After getting permission from the doctor, the patient goes to the medical store to get the medicine.

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