Essay on Pollution in English | Causes, Effects, Types and Control

Essay on Pollution | Essay on Pollution in English | Causes of Pollution | Types of Pollution | Effects of Pollution | Measures to Control Pollution

Topics to be covered in this Essay on Pollution:

  • What is Pollution?
  • Introduction to Pollution
  • Causes of Pollution
  • Types of Pollution
  • Effects of Pollution
  • Measures to Control Pollution
  • Conclusion

Essay on Pollution 500 Words

What is pollution?

Pollution refers to any unwanted change in the physical, chemical and biological properties of air, water and land that could adversely affect living things and natural resources.

What are pollutants?

The substances that cause pollution are called pollutants.


For a better life, human society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and industry. Technology and industry make human life easier and more comfortable – but they are also a major cause of environmental pollution. Pollution is a worldwide problem. Today this problem has become very serious. Man has interfered too much with nature. As a result, the whole environment is polluted. Due to pollution, our life is affected. It should be checked immediately otherwise our beautiful world will be in danger sooner than later.

Kinds of Pollution

There are four kinds of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution. 

Air Pollution: Air pollution is caused by the smoke which comes out of the chimneys, mills, workshops and factories. The diesel smoke and petrol smoke come from buses, cars, tractors and bikes etc. This has made life very difficult especially in big cities. Man inhales so much polluted air that he falls ill with diseases like Asthma, T.B Cancer etc. 

Water pollution: There are many reasons of water pollution. The waste material of industries and refineries is dumped into the river and sea. So water is polluted. Anything that uses this water gets affected.

Noise pollution: Noise pollution is also dangerous to live. It causes deafness and other diseases. In a big city, the roar of vehicles is unbearable. Loudspeakers, DJs, engines and horns and mills produce a lot of noise. This much sound creates noise pollution which is very harmful to the physical and mental health of people.

Land Pollution: Land is an important natural resource. In recent times, the earth has also become a victim of pollution. Pesticides used in agriculture contain chemicals that remain in the soil for a long time. Acid rain also changes the pH of land, which makes it unsuitable for cultivation. Due to the lack of a proper disposal system, household and other city garbage are scattered. Materials such as polythene block the passage of water through the soil and thus reduce the water holding capacity of the land.

Effects of Pollution

We see that there is pollution all around us. The environment has become unfit for living. It has become a health hazard. It brings inefficiency in daily life. It causes many fatal diseases like T.B, Cholera, Asthma Cancers etc.

Solutions of Pollution

The government has set up a department for control of environmental pollution. It has taken many steps to check pollution. Some of them are the purification of rivers, plantations and use of lead free petrol. 


Public awareness is a must to control pollution. People should know its bad effects. Public should not dump domestic waste on the streets. We should remain kind to nature then nature will remain kind to us.

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