Village Life in Pakistan Short Essay in English

Village Life in Pakistan Essay

Pakistan is an agricultural country. A major portion of our population lives in villages. Agriculture is their occupation. The people of the villages enjoy fresh air free from pollution. The open fields with green crops present a beautiful sight. Their diet is very nourishing, They use milk, curd, lassi and butter as their diet.

They have sound health. They live in the bosom of nature. They work very hard. They grow food for us. They are the backbone of our country. They provide us with fresh vegetables, fruit and corn. The houses in villages are made of backed bricks but their compounds are made of mud.

Most of the villages have rough roads. Their surroundings are green due to crops. The streets are dirty with open drainages which give a foul smell. The villagers take a rest under the shady trees outside the village. They hear “Heer” and other folk songs there. Life in a village is very peaceful. There is no smoke and noise from the traffic.

They lead a contented life. They help each other in the hour of need. Their lifestyle is very simple. Our villages reflect the real picture of Pakistan. Lack of education and improper sanitation are the main problems in our villages. Litigation is a curse for them. Most of the money they earn is wasted in litigation. May Allah save them from this social evil. 

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