Life in a Big City Essay by

Life in a Big City Essay

Big cities are full of hustle and bustle. Big cities are centers of trade and industry. There are courts and government offices in big cities. In the morning, the people have to go to their offices, courts and business centers. The students also go to their educational institutions. Everybody is in hurry.

Endless lines of cycles, motorcycles, wagons, cars and buses can be seen on the roads. There is a rush on the roads. In big cities, the houses are crowded with people. The streets are narrow. Heaps of dust and filthy mud are here and there. Sanitation is not managed properly.

Facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, vocational centers, public libraries, telephone, television and refrigerators are available to a man who lives in a city. The coffee shops, theatres, cinemas, centers of Arts and culture are found in the big cities. The atmosphere is smoky, dusty and noisy in the cities. The factories have made the atmosphere polluted.

The people living here lack a good diet and fresh air. The noise in a big city is troublesome. There is no peace of mind in a big city. A city dweller has to stand in a queue to pay his electric, gas, telephone and water bills. The city people are cultured, civilized and clever. Life in a big city is very busy and exciting, 

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