Try Again Summary 10th Class (Easy & Outstanding)

Try Again Summary 10th Class

Here I am going to write a summary of the poem TRY AGAIN by William Edward Hickson. Try again Summary 10th class easy and outstanding.

Try Again Summary 10th Class Easy

This poem has been written by William Edward Hickson. This poem conveys to us a universal message of continuous struggle. The poet says that we should keep on trying again and again till succeed. If we act upon this principle, we would become hardworking, brave, courageous, successful and respectable. The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. So we should keep up trying again and again to cross this road and get a brilliant success.

Try Again Summary 10th Class outstanding

Try again is an immensely encouraging poem, written by W.E.Hickson. It is a constant reminder to always work hard. It gives a lesson that success matters and that failure does not matter. All the importance is on struggle only. It guides the students to keep working hard. It shows that no matter how much the world discourages us, our inner and hope encourage us to give it one more try.

Poet stresses to work hard and do not give up just because the lesson is difficult. A hint at the need to carry in every failure is to keep trying with full spirit. Failing one time must not be the cause of losing heart. We should try again and again till we get what we want. Spider of King Bruce failed countless times but kept trying and in the end, got what it wanted.

Poet guides us that repeated tries are not shameful. It is rather a credit. Our focus in life should not be on the people who failed but we should look on those who are successful. The key to success is not losing heart even in unfavorable conditions too. In this way, the failure will be changed into success indeed. No matter the road to success is filled with many difficulties. Still, our courage must be bigger than our fear. It is said very well ‘Try try, you can fly.”

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