Peace Poem Summary – Easy and Outstanding Summary Peace

Peace Poem Summary

Here is the summary of the poem peace. Peace is written by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

Poem Peace Summary Easy

Dr. Silvia Hartmann has a special taste for psychology and spiritual sciences in her poetry. She uses imagery in her poetry. In this poem, she also uses imagery and describes two opposite aspects of wind. She says that wind in the form of a storm smashes everything. In its rage, it destroys trees, fields and buildings. But when the wind is gentle and cool it gives life to buds, birds and humans. We have to experience both aspects of wind. Though wind storm brings disaster, but we have to experience them to enjoy peace. There lies peace in the depth of this disaster.

Peace Poem Summary Outstanding

The poem ‘Peace’ is written by German poetess Dr. Silvia Hartmann. She beautifully explains the dual nature of wind. She elaborates that the wind is gentle as well as disastrous. As wind soothes everything kindly, so it’s been given the name ‘Peace’. On the other hand, it can be catastrophic when in rage. It terrifies like the roar of a lion and destroys things into bits.

From mountains to valleys and plains to deserts, the wind howls like a wolf and creates fear in others. It limits the activity of human beings by spinning, swirling and twirling everything that comes its way. As nature has wildness so does it has the power to heal human beings with beauty. The Foundation of wind lies in the truth. The truth attracts one’s mind, similarly, the wind is also

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