My Last Day at School Essay for 10th Class with Quotations

My Last Day at School Essay

Here I am going to write “my last day at school essay for 10th class with quotations”.

My Last Day at School Essay Easy

The day when I was free from school for appearing in the Matriculation Examination was a remarkable day in my life. Our class was given a farewell party by the 9th class. It was my last day at school. The host class made all the arrangements for the party. The school was decorated with charts buntings.

The party began at 4 a.m. Hafiz Saeed recited the Holy Quran, and Hamid presented a Naat. Mr. Masud, the monitor of the host class made a moving speech. He mentioned our deep association with the school and their class. His speech was full of praise and appreciation for the outgoing class. He wished us success in the future.

On behalf of my class, I thanked the host. I admired the praise-worthy arrangements by the host class. I expressed my sadness to leave the school where I was educated and got training of my mind and body. It was a sacred place for me where I got knowledge and learning.

In the end, the Principal delivered the closing words. He gave us some pieces of advice in his farewell speech. He stressed inculcating a spirit of service and patriotism. After his encouraging speech, the program came to an end. In the end, a feast was waiting for us. In which Biryani and cold drinks were served. I cannot forget this memorable day in my life.

My Last Day at School Essay for 10th Class Outstanding

My last day at school is a very memorable day in my life. We had completed two years of education at the school. During that period, we developed sincere relations and made true friends. It seemed that the happy days would never come to an end. But the day of separation reached at last.

“The Two Best Days at School, The First and The Last.” 

Parting is always associated with gloom and grief. The place one loves to stay at cannot be easily forgotten. Thus it haunts the mind in the years to come. The good past days come to mind and their remembrance makes us sometimes sad and many times delighted. Actually, life is full of sad as well as happy incidents. Some of them may be forgotten whereas others may be stored in memory. So write down the sad incidents and drown them in the sea but carve the good incidents on marble and store them because:  “Memories never die.” 

Helen Keller was a dumb and deaf American authoress. She says, “We do not value things until we lose them.” Her words echoed in my mind on my last day at school. At that moment, I realized how dearly I cherished the school I was going to leave. I felt somebody drawing my soul out of my body. Hence, in the storehouse of my school memories, enriched with many pearls and pebbles, collected over the last two years, the last day at the school occupies a very conspicuous position as it is said: 

“Memory is a man’s real possession… In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else, is he poor.”

(Alexander Smith) 


“Own only what you can carry with you; know the language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.”

(Alexander Solzhenitsyn) 

It has mixed feelings of sadness and bliss. During my two years stay at school. I did never feel that I had developed a strong and deep association with the school. Hence, the very idea of my last day at school makes me sad and gloomy. 

A great asset is a glorious past, 

It urges man to work hard. (R.M.) 

On my last day at school, I got ready early in the morning and reached school at about 8:00 am to spend the whole day at the school campus. It was a chilly but sunny day. The students of the 9th arranged a farewell party in honor of the outgoing students. It was to be held in the big Hall. The farewell function started at 10:00 am. All the students sat very peacefully with the worthy Principal and the Professors.

First of all, a student from the 9th class rose to speak. He appreciated our behavior and dealings with them. He enumerated the good events and good days spent with us and then bade us farewell. Then, I. on behalf of my class was asked to speak a few words. I thanked the 9th class students for arranging a grand party. I also thanked the teachers and office staff for their guidance and cooperation during our stay at the school and hoped that they would guide us in the future as well. I was constrained to pay tribute to them because: 

“Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies.”

(Charles E. Jefferson)


“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.” (Jacques Maritain) 

My feelings at that time were a mixture of gaiety and sadness. I was gay at the thought that the first phase of my school career had been successfully completed. I could not help feeling sad also because I was going to leave behind the institution where I had passed two gleeful years of life. I was so overwhelmed with passion that I moved to tears and a wave of sadness ran across the whole atmosphere.

Then the Principal rose to speak. He told us various valuable precautionary measures and practical tips beneficial for the examination. He guided us on how to attempt the paper, finish it well in time and revise it. He reminded us of our duties as students and citizens of the state. He stimulated us to fight against evils. He advised us to remain staunch Muslims and true Pakistanis wherever we go and whatever we do.

He quoted many precedences from the pious life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and our national heroes to lead a successful practical life. He urged us to work hard and bring a good name to our Alma Mater, our parents and the country so that a positive image of Pakistan may emerge in the comity of nations. He very wisely explained to us, “Purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. As long as you live, continue learning how to live.” Then he explained to us: 

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”(Robert Maynard) 

At the end of the academic reference, an elaborate dinner was served in our honor as we had also done a year before. After the dinner, there was a variety show. The students sang songs, performed skits and other fun-fair items. Then we were bidden farewell formally. But I could not move off without having a last glimpse of the school. 

I went to the Union Office and sat there for a few moments. I recalled the last election of the school Union. I remembered how we formed a new organization to beat the old organizations. Hundreds of students moved about enthusiastically day in and day out to canvass for their candidates. What a period of bliss, delight, fervor and enthusiasm! Then I moved to the library. I remembered how I had access to rare and valuable books. I walked along the rows of almirahs and shelves of books and looked at the countless books wistfully.

Afterward, I went to the laboratory. I recalled the happy instructive hours spent there. Now, the memories of the classroom were stirred up. How often did I feel bored? How often did I dislike some of the professors for their strictness about the percentage of attendance and laboratory work? How often did we speak ill of the Principal for his strict discipline and for turning down some of our requests? But on that day, all of those feelings had transformed into love, respect and regard. 

“No matter how much you think you hate school, You’ll always miss it When you leave.”

I was so lost in the memories and thoughts that I did not realize the late afternoon, In the meantime, Mr. Hamza stroked at my shoulder and we started to the gate. My mind was crowded with the thoughts of friends, kind, affectionate professors and the fatherly Principal. I was constrained to utter: 

Farewell my friends; Farewell my foes; 
My peace with these; My love with those.

(Robert Burns)

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