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A Football Match Essay

Sports are important as education in our daily life. These are necessary for physical growth and health. Football is an international game. Many players earned fame and respect because of this game. Last year, I witnessed one of the most thrilling and exciting football matches. It was played between Star Eleven and Moon Eleven. I got a ticket after a great struggle and entered the ground.

The referee and the players entered the playground at 4 pm. The spectators cheered them from all corners of the stadium. The two captains came up, shook hands and tossed the coin. Soon the referee’s whistle went off and the game started. Nothing exciting happened in the first fifteen minutes.

The ball went from one player to another. They were running with the ball just along the borderline. After ten minutes of recess, the Star Eleven scored a goal. The excitement rose to the pitch. The players of the Moon Eleven launched a vigorous attack. Both teams proved themselves equally strong.

Then the Moon Eleven scored a goal and intensified their forward pressure. Soon this very team scored another goal. The whole stadium burst into wide applause. The Moon Eleven had won the game by 2-1. All the players moved around the stadium with their club flag The spectators enjoyed it. with cheers every minute of the game. It was a worth remembering game. It was a neck to neck fighting, which gave a thrill to all the spectators. 

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