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Railway Journey Essay

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “You should travel the world to observe the result of the past people.” It means that traveling increases our knowledge and experience. Father told us one evening that we would go to Rawalpindi the next day. This news filled us with great joy. We began to make preparations for the journey.

We could not sleep that night. In the morning, we hired a taxi and reached the railway station. Father purchased three tickets and engaged two coolies to carry our luggage to the platform. There was great hustle and bustle at the platform. We reached the station before the arrival of the train. After half an hour the train arrived. Some passengers began to drop while the others began to get into it. There was a great rush.

We boarded in a 2nd class compartment. I managed to get a seat near the window. At the fixed time the guard whistled and waved a green flag. The train moved out of the station. It was a fast train. It passed plains, the fields through forests, valleys and mountains. It left behind houses, stations, fields, canals, rivers, villages, towns and cities.

I saw many farmers in their fields. Some of them were ploughing their fields and some of them were watering their fields. The train passed through many tunnels before we reached Rawalpindi in seven hours. My uncle welcomed us at the railway station. We hired a taxi and reached our destination before sunset. It was a good journey. I enjoyed it very much. 

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