How to Make Tea Essay –

How to Make Tea Essay

Tea is not our national drink. It was not used in the sub-continent before World War II. Now it is being used by everybody. Even the people who live in cottages use it freely. At present tea is very popular in Pakistan. The use of tea has become a fashion in Pakistan. The rich people use bed tea. It is harmful to health. It is very easy to make tea.

Everyone can make tea by following the well-known process of making tea. This is how I make tea. I wash the kettle and pour some water into it. I place it at the fire. I put one teaspoon full of tea leaves for each cup. After a short time, the water begins to boil. I pour some milk into it. I add sugar to it as it is needed. When it boils, I take it off and put it into the teapot. I cover the teapot with a tea cozy. I wash the cups and put the tea into them and serve it to my guests. 

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