The Rain Summary 10th Class Outstanding and Easy

The Rain Summary 10th Class

Today I am going to write a summary of the poem The Rain by W. H. Davies. The Rain Summary 10th class is written in two formats here. The easy and outstanding summaries for different students.

The Rain Summary 10th Class Easy

“Nature and the hardships of the poor” are W. H. Davies’ favorite themes. In this poem, he also expresses his clear and lovely views about nature and social discrimination. He says that he hears raindrops falling on the leaves of trees. He feels as if leaves are drinking raindrops. The rich leaves which are on the top, are giving these drops, gradually to the poor leaves beneath. These green leaves drinking raindrops make a sweet noise.

He says that when the rain stops, the sun will come out. The wondrous sunshine will brighten each round drop. He hopes that when the Sun shines, there will be a lovely sight. In this way, the poet very beautifully describes the natural phenomena of rain. He also expresses his hope for good days. He says that there would be equality in society just like the sunshine which spreads and benefits everyone all over the world equally.

The Rain Summary 10th Class Outstanding

“Rain” is a lyrical poem written by W.H. Davies. Nature and Hardship are focal themes of the poet. Poet has drawn a picturesque scene of the rain. The poem seems a musical note written by the nature. The poem deals with the poet’s view about social discrimination. He has personified nature, rain, tree and leaves remarkably to explain the biasness in society.

He elaborates on the natural phenomenon of rain. The rain falls, doing pitter-patter and the poet listens keenly to the sound. He says that it seems the leaves are drinking rain. He explains the injustice in society while giving examples of rich and poor leaves. He compares rich leaves to rich people and poor leaves to poor people. When it rains, the rich leaves drink raindrops while giving drop after drop to the poor leaves who are beneath the rich ones.

This metaphorical example highlights that the rich get more opportunities and first chances and what is left, is given to the poor. Poet’s spirit is not hopeless. He is hopeful to have equity in society, very soon. He is positive about the fact that one day, the poor shall get their due share soon. After the rain stops; the sun will come out.

Spreading and soothing sunshine will make every drop of water, shine like a diamond. Poet dreams of the soon coming days that would bring justice, equality, peace and stability to society. Like the sun shines equally in every part of the world, the same way the happiness, ease, opportunities and joy would be for everyone too. Rich and poor shall enjoy everything indiscriminately and equality shall prevail in society.

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