Population Explosion Essay in English for Students

Population Explosion Essay

Population explosion is a sudden increase in population in a short period of time. This is an important issue as to why the earth is losing its balance. It is growing alarmingly in the country. India is the second country after China with a population of 1027 billion. If left unchecked, India will overtake China in terms of population growth by 2025.

Reasons for Population Explosion:

Lack of women’s education and early marriage are the main reasons for this. The high rate of female illiteracy also contributes to population growth. Because they do not know contraceptive methods.

People’s life expectancy has increased by about 75 or 80 years. Advanced medical facilities are increasing the life expectancy of people today. People’s ignorance and lack of family planning cause the birth rate to rise faster than the death rate.

Poverty is another major cause. The poor believe that the more people in a family, the more people there are to earn a living. Therefore, it helps in population growth. Many families demand a baby boy, which increases the birth rate.

Effects of Population Explosion:

The population explosion has badly affected society and the environment, as it has created a problem of unemployment, as a large number of people want to feed their large families, but lack resources. So it has created chaos in the employment sector.

It has also created food and water shortages, ultimately putting pressure on renewable energy resources. In addition, population growth is a major cause of poverty in developing countries.

More people need more food, clothing and shelter, so poverty increases because they cannot provide adequate food for their families. In addition, population growth has had a negative impact on the environment and its resources.

Population Explosion Prevention:

There are several ways to prevent a population explosion. The government can take steps to make people aware of the negative consequences of population growth. Some offsets need to be put in place to make people aware of birth control and family planning.

Encouraging people to marry late can also reduce the birth rate of the population. Strict legal rules should apply, such as having only two children, punishing those who have more children, and rewarding those who adopt family planning.

The population explosion is a threat to our national development. Every effort should be made to limit the number of families. Public support is essential for a successful family planning program.

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