My Favourite Book Essay in English

My Favourite Book Essay

Books are friends who never leave your side. I find the saying to be very true as books have been there for me. I enjoy reading books. They have the power to help us travel through the world without moving from our places. In addition, books also enhance our imagination. Growing up, my parents and teachers always encouraged me to read. They taught me the importance of reading.

Subsequently, I have read several books. However, One book that will be my favourite book is Harry Potter. It is one of the most intriguing reads of my life. I have read all the books of the series, yet I read them again as I never get bored of them. Harry Potter was a series of books authored by one of the most eminent writers of our generation, J.K Rowling has been so successful at weaving a picture of this world that it feels real.

Although the series contains seven books I have a particular favourite. My favourite book from the series is the Goblet of Fire. When I started reading the book it caught my attention instantly. Even though I had read all the previous parts, none of the books caught my attention as this one did. It gave a larger perspective into the wizarding world.

One of the things which excite me the most about this book is the introduction to the other wizard schools. The concept of the TRI Wizard tournament is one of the most brilliant pieces I have come across in the series.
In addition, this book also contains some of my favourite characters. The moment I read about Victor Krum’s entry I was star-struck. The aura and personality of that character described by Rowling are Simply brilliant. Future, it made me become a greater fan of the series.

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