World Environment Day Essay in English for Students

World Environment Day Essay


World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year. Each year it is celebrated and hosted by a different city and celebrated with an international exhibition during the week of June 5. The main purpose of the celebration is to raise environmental awareness and to gain political attention and public action.

World Environment Day is celebrated in several ways:

  • World Environment Day Rallies:
  • Street rallies, parades, and theatrical performances raise awareness.
  • World Environment Day Competitions:
  • Various competitions like poster making, slogan writing and debates are organized to involve people in the environment.
  • World Environment Day Art Exhibitions:
  • Banners and artwork made from recycled materials are placed throughout the street to promote the WED message.
  • Planting trees on World Environment Day :
  • Tree planting drives are organized and awards are given to those who have made significant efforts to care for the environment.
  • And several radio stations and television channels broadcast speeches on the environment by officials and govt.


My conclusion on this topic is that children like us can also contribute to this cause by not wasting water, and turning off lights and fans in the house when not in use.
Each of us can do something to save the environment. So let’s all do at least one thing before the next World Environment Day.

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