Essay on Nationalism in English for Students

“Nationalism and humanism are influenced by the best ideals and truths of humanity.”

Nationalism Essay

Humanity and nationalism are completely intertwined issues. Humanism is not superior to nationalism, but humanity and nationalism are one. Both are essential for the development of any country or nation. You can’t make a good nation if you remove any of them.

The Meaning of Humanity and Nationalism:

Humanism means that man should live his life honestly while performing his duties and following the path of honesty. Treat all creatures with justice and kindness.
The feeling of attachment and devotion to one’s country, one’s nation is called nationalism. Nationalism is the spirit through which the departments of class, caste and religion have succeeded in forgetting many differences.

The importance of nationalism and humanity:

It is very important for the development of any country or nation that a spirit of nationalism is created in the people. All the governments of the world organize national festivals in which the importance of nationalism is understood and its aim is to rekindle the love of patriotism in its citizens.

Humanity is essential for the well-being of the world. If a man does not have the spirit of humanity, he will not be able to do selfless work for his nation.

Humanity: The Greatest Religion:

In the present age, if a person does not learn to treat other human beings well, then in the future he will be a great opponent of others. That is why humanity is dying everywhere. There is no place in the world where there is no politics in the name of any religion.

If we want to do our part in building a nation, we have to awaken our resistance. The unity of citizens plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. Every human being must protect his religion. Because in order to build a nation well, there must be a spirit of humanism and nationalism.

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