Essay on Unity for Country in English for Students

Essay on Unity for Country

National unity is the great virtue of the people. It is an alliance of citizens of a country. Unity is also a reflection of patriotism. Patriots never fight each other. They are always ready to give something for the prosperity of the nation.

National unity is the most important factor in the development of any country. If they unite honestly, they can do anything for the development of the country. It is considered a great power. It can’t be a weekend by any force.

Thanks to national unity, many nations became powerful and prosperous. National unity plays an important role in the protection of human rights. If people are united, they love and cooperate with each other.

National unity can be strengthened by uprooting injustice, inequality, discrimination and social evils. Eliminating hatred among citizens is a basic requirement for national unity. It is certain that the country cannot develop properly when people are divided into different groups on national issues.

Rather, the search for disintegration leads the nation to chaos. Therefore, all citizens should understand the importance of nationality. If you understand this, you will surely become a patriot and love the country.
National unity is the basic virtue of a prosperous country. United people can make big and challenging projects a success.

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