Unity is Strength Essay for Students in English

Unity is Strength Essay

When we talk about the saying “unity is strength” we are reminded of the story of an old man and his four children. The old man spoke with the help of a bundle of sticks and showed his children the power of unity. They understood his point of view and promised him that they would not fight each other and would live in unity.

Take the example of a family. If all the members of the family stay together, no harm can come to them. Together we can face any kind of difficulty. When a family gets together, it can solve any kind of problem. It can’t happen if we keep fighting.

Also, the unity of its citizens in a country is its strength. If the citizens are united, the enemies cannot harm the country. They try to break the unity of citizens to succeed in their mission. The spirit of patriotism and the unity of compatriots is the biggest obstacle in the way of enemies.

The unity of the workers in an organization is very important. If they are together, the organization can face any kind of challenge. If there are differences between them, the whole organization suffers. An army can defeat its enemies only when all its soldiers fight together. A team wins a game when all the players play well. A soldier or an athlete can do nothing. It also says: “We stand united, we fall apart”

So it is true that unity is strength. The unity of all the members gives strength to a family. The unity of the citizens strengthens the country. It is the unity of the workers that keeps the organization moving. The unity of the players strengthens the team. Many times due to the alliance, even a small platoon of the army has made a big story.

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