My School Library Essay for Students in English

My School Library Essay

A library is a must for a good school. No school is complete without a library. A well-equipped library is a great asset to a school. It is equally useful for students and teachers both. It helps to develop reading habits. It increases their knowledge.

My school also has a big library. It is housed in a big hall. There are many almirahs in it. Books are arranged subject-wise in them. There are many books on every subject. A number is given to each book.

All kinds of books are available in our school library such as books on literature, History, Civics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, painting, music sports, etc. The biggest section of books in the library contains children’s books. These books cover stories, adventures, fairy tales, etc.

In addition to that, my school library offers daily based all fresh newspapers, latest magazines and new books. My school library is managed by an experienced administrator. Students are allowed to read books at the library or borrow books. I like my library very much.

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