My School Essay in English

Education is an important part of life for every individual. Schools are the doors of education that lead to success. School plays a significant part in shaping the future personality of a child. My school is also one of the greatest and most reputable schools in my area.

My School Essay in English

I study at Bright Public School. My school is one of the oldest schools in my area. It is very near to my home. It has a big building having several classrooms, a principal office, a staff room, an auditorium, a playground, a computer lab, a science lab and a big library.

The building of my school is painted white and grey. All the rooms are well equipped and properly ventilated. There is a beautiful garden in My school where plants and flowers are planted.

There are 50 teachers in my school. All of them are well qualified, experienced and hardworking. They take care of the students and give individual attention to every student.
There are 2000 students in our school. All students are polite and well behaved with each other and with teachers.

The principal is very fond of extracurricular activities and he always motivates the students to participate. There is a good arrangement for games, debates, singing and drawing.
I love my school very much. I love the students, the teachers and the environment here. I will always be thankful to my school for preparing me as a decent and well-educated person.

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