My Mother Essay in English for Students

My Mother Essay

The mother is the most precious person that cannot be described in words. Mother is a real blessing of God. There is no match for a mother’s love.

We cannot find examples of His love in this world. This is the mother who is always worried about us. My mother is my first teacher. He is my guide, my career counselor, my friend and above all my world. I have never found anyone so close and dear except my mother.

My mother is very hardworking and a great homemaker. She takes care of everyone in my family. She gets up early in the morning and prepares breakfast for everyone. In fact, my mother is very strong, fearless and dedicated to her duties.

I find my best friend in my mother. She supports me when I have a problem or difficulty in life. She not only helps and supports me but also encourages me to face life’s challenges with courage. He is my leader. He brought me to the right path and taught me to be good and truthful.
I am proud of my mother, may Allah give her a healthy life

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