Health is Wealth Essay for Students

Here I am going to write “Health is Wealth Essay”. It is a very simple and easy-to-remember essay for all classes students.

Health is Wealth Essay

Health is wealth is a common phrase we have heard since childhood. Health is wealth means, health is more important than wealth. A healthy body is defined as the body’s overall ability to function well. This includes the physical, mental, emotional and social health of all individuals.

The Importance of Health:

There are many benefits to good health. First, in the presence of good health, man enjoys his life more deeply. Good health helps protect us from many diseases. Good health reduces stress and increases activity which provides more energy to work harder and more productively. People often run after money and ruin their health then they spend that money to restore their health. The greatest benefit of maintaining good health is living a peaceful life.

How to Maintain Health:

A simple and proper diet is a way of life to maintain a healthy life. Hygiene is a very important factor in achieving good health because it is believed that cleanliness is part of faith. Daily exercise is very important for good body health and brain for good health. In addition to good health, good sleep is also important. Good sleep helps us improve the targets that we are focused on.

We should all use a proper diet to build a healthy body. We should all have a proper diet. A proper diet is conducive to perfect body and mental health. We should not eat junk food as it is very harmful to our lives. Fresh fruits and vegetables play an important role in maintaining good health.


A healthy life is truly the source of all happiness, money is the source of all worldly pleasures but it cannot buy good health. Good health enables you to live a happy life so that you can achieve your goals and avoid all medical expenses. Thus, a healthy person is a happy person.

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