My Favourite Game Essay Badminton

My Favourite Game Essay Badminton

I have played many games, some of them are, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, etc. But my favourite game is badminton. And it is one of the most played games in our country.

I like this game because it gives me good exercise. Badminton is an Indoor Game, that is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock.

Badminton is a game between two or four people. Players use rackets to hit a shuttlecock over a net. The shuttlecock is made up of duck feathers. Competitive badminton is always played indoors because even a slight wind can affect the movement of the shuttlecock.

The single match court for badminton is rectangular in shape and 13.4 meters long and 5.2 meters wide. The net is 1.5 meters high and stretches along the width of the court as its center.

I play this game every day with my friends. I like this game and I want to play for my country.

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