Importance of forest Essay for Students and Teachers

Importance of forest Essay

A forest is a large area covered with trees and plants. Forests are the lungs of the planet that keep the environment clean and fresh. Forests cover 31% of the land. Forests help balance the ecosystem and maintain a healthy food cycle.

The area with the highest density of trees is called a forest.

The natural habitat is the most important for living animals. The total forest area of ​​our country is 21.71% of the geographical area. The forest air is always cool and moist. Living parts of the forest include trees, grasses, mammals, plants, algae, mildew, insects, birds, reptiles and microorganisms.

The benefits of forests include flood control, preventing soil erosion, maintaining oxygen levels in the atmosphere, regulating the climate, acting as habitats for millions of animals, providing natural remedies, and preventing global warming. And to reduce pollution.

The forest ecosystem is divided on the basis of rainfall and temperature. An ecosystem is a geographical area where plants, animals and other living things live together. Green plants produce food through photosynthesis. Vegetarians feed directly on green plants. Every part of the forest contributes to building a self-sufficient system.

Wood is an important raw material for building and making furniture and patterns. Wood pulp is used in the manufacture of paper. Many medicinal plants and herbs are found in forests.

There are five major types of forests.

Tropical evergreen forests

Tropical evergreen forests receive 200 cm of rainfall.
Temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Tropical deciduous forests

Tropical deciduous forests, also known as monsoon forests, are the most extensive forest in the country. Rainfall is between 70 and 200 cm.

Forests of tropical thorns

There is very little rain in the thorn forest, in very hot summers.

Mountain forest

These forests are found in hilly or hilly areas.

Swamp forests

The swamp forest is also known as the wetland forest. Rainfall ranges from 75 to 500.

How can we protect forests / Deforestation?

  • Rules and regulations
  • Help prevent deforestation.
  • Tree planting
  • Generate less waste.

Forest use:

  • Forests keep the earth cool by reducing global warming.
  • Forests are important in maintaining the climate.
  • Forests prevent soil erosion and flooding.
  • They prevent soil erosion and control flooding.
  • Forests provide eco-tourism.
  • The forest provides a home for animals and birds.

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