My Family Essay in English for Students

My Family Essay

My family is a joint and big family. In my family, I have grandparents, father, mother, siblings, aunts and uncles. We all live with family members. All my family members live with love for each other. Our family is a wonderful family.

My father is a farmer. He is very fond of farming and spends his time in farming. My grandparents live at home. My mother is a housewife and takes care of the whole family. My father is very nice, he takes good care of us all. My father goes to the farm every day and works very hard.

My family pays a lot of attention to discipline and manners. Respect the little ones and give love to the adults. My family has set times for eating, reading, playing and sleeping.
My grandfather was serving in the army but is now retired. My grandmother is religious in nature and spends most of her time in worship. My family loves each other very much.

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