Best Save Environment Essay for Students in English

Save Environment Essay

The environment refers to the surroundings in which we live. This includes both living and non-living things. Air, water, soil, sunlight, humans, animals, plants and other living things are part of the environment. The environment is responsible for maintaining the perfect life cycle.

However, over the past decades, the quality of the environment has deteriorated day by day. With some natural disasters, human activities have potentially harmed the environment. This damage threatens the survival of life on Earth.

It is important to take concrete steps to save the environment from various harmful substances. Otherwise, soon our environment will not be able to support life on earth.

There are many ways we can save the environment, such as the need to stop deforestation altogether. We should plant as many trees as possible to improve environmental health.

We should encourage and accept digital tools at our disposal and use less paper. By doing so, we will reduce the demand for paper, which will always reduce deforestation.

We need to reduce the use of our private vehicles. Instead, we can use public transport. This can help reduce air and noise pollution. Waste recycling plays an important role in reducing pollution. This must be done on a large scale to save the environment.

Most importantly, it is important to raise public awareness about these issues. We must organize a cleaning campaign. In addition, some laws must be enforced to keep the environment clean.

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