My family essay in English 10 Lines

My Family Essay in English 10 Lines

  1. Family is one of the integral parts of human beings.
  2. Every human is incomplete without a family.
  3. There are 4 members in my family.
  4. The members of my family are my father, mother, elder sister and me.
  5. My father is the head of the family and primarily tasks all the important decisions.
  6. We celebrate all the major festivals together.
  7. Family provides a secure and supportive environment, which helps us to share and discuss our issues and problems.
  8. My family supports me in sickness and tough times.
  9. My sister shares her every problem with me and I try to offer her the best suggestion and guide her.
  10. I love my family and in the future, I want to make my family proud.

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