My Favourite Subject English Essay

My Favourite Subject Essay

Many subjects are taught in schools and colleges and one of them is English. My favourite subject is English. It is one of the leading languages in the world.

There are many reasons for having English as my favourite subject. English is the basic language for communicating with anybody anywhere in the world. English speaking person attracts attention.

Nowadays, interviews are taken in this language to enhance our communication skills in this language. The English language widens our scope for gaining knowledge in any field. There are many thrilling and interesting stories of fiction and real life events written in this language.

English is the language of new emerging world. It is difficult to grasp every language of the world and to communicate with people all around in different. When we travel to any other country in the world, English may prove quite helpful as it is used worldwide.

This is the subject which I enjoy without getting bored. By learning this subject I tend to believe that I am able to cope with various aspects of life. In conclusion, English is useful in this world and my favourite English subject helps me in many ways.

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