Man vs Machine Essay in English for Students

Man vs Machine Essay

Over the decades, man has made many unique and intelligent inventions. Computers and machines have begun to control and transform the important tasks that first humans performed. We have relied heavily on artificial intelligence.

However, the general opinion is that artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence because man is a creature of machines. The human brain can work continuously and more efficiently to create and use something intelligently.

Man has the ability to learn, understand and comprehend the concept of different things. Man loves to discover and create new things. Man is multifaceted while machines are not. Artificial intelligence is also made by the human brain and its functions are limited.

Machines are superior to humans in terms of speed and accuracy. For example, calculators work faster and more accurately than the human brain calculates. The human brain programs the operation of any type of machine.

The human brain naturally develops by observing, experimenting, learning and discovering, but the improvement of machines is possible only when their mechanical brains are fed by humans. Also, machines do not have emotional intelligence.

Emotions play an important role in the development of the human brain. Therefore, the capacity of machines is limited, while humans are always experimenting, creating, inventing and discovering more and more.

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