Junk Food Essay for Students in English

Junk Food Essay

Junk food
Junk food tastes good, so it is loved by people of all ages, especially school-going children. They usually ask for junk food daily because they have been influenced by their parents since childhood. Their parents never discussed about the harmful effects of junk food on health.

Research has shown that junk food has many negative effects on the body. These are common fried items found in packets. They are high in calories, high in cholesterol, low in healthy nutrients, high in sodium minerals, high in sugar and starch, unhealthy fats, low in protein and low in dietary fiber.

Processed and junk foods are most responsible for rapid and unhealthy weight gain and have a negative effect on the whole body throughout life. This causes a lot of weight gain in a competent person which is called obesity.

Junk food tastes good but does not meet the calorie requirement. Some foods such as french fries, fried foods, pizza burgers, candy, soft drinks, baked goods, ice cream, cookies, etc. are examples of high sugar and high fat foods. Being overweight increases the risk of developing diabetes. This increases the risk of kidney failure.

Eating junk food daily leads to a lack of nutrients due to lack of essential nutrients, vitamins, iron, minerals and dietary fiber in the body. It increases the risk of heart disease because it is rich in saturated fat, sodium and bad cholesterol.

A diet high in sodium and bad cholesterol raises blood pressure and puts a heavy strain on heart function. Junk food lovers are at a higher risk of gaining weight. Junk food due to malnutrition is a source of constipation and other diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.

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