Importance of Friends in our Life Essay in English

Importance of Friends in our Life Essay

Friends are very important to everyone. Be it a child, a youth, a middle-aged person or an old person. Everyone needs good friends to live a full life. During childhood, friendships help us understand and develop the habit of sharing and caring. Young children form friendships more quickly and enjoy the company of their friends. They play and learn together.

Friends are important to your growth and development. Friends are even more important to us when we are young. During youth, we go through numerous emotional, physical and mental changes. Many of the problems we face at this age cannot be discussed with our parents and other family members.

However, we feel quite comfortable sharing them with our friends. Having good friends at this age who can listen to our problems and provide us with support and guidance is a true blessing.

We’ve all heard of mid-life crises. More and more people are suffering from this problem. Their family, their work, their children and everything around them starts to become a burden at this age. Having good friends right now can help bring positivity in the midst of this emotional upheaval.

Friends are equally important in old age. Due to the growing nuclear family system, couples are left alone in old age. If you have friends around you, your life is happy and interesting instead of boring.

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