Importance of Good Manners Essay in English

Importance of Good Manners Essay

Man is God’s most intelligent creature on earth since he lives in society. He has the ability to think, speak and act accordingly. So, you should know how to behave well and have good manners. Parents should teach their children to behave with their relatives, neighbors, friends, teachers etc.

Some people only respond well to sweet talk and not from behind. This is not good manners. Good manners are very sensitive and important because they help us behave well in society. Good manners help to win the hearts of people in public. Therefore, a unique personality can be created thanks to good morals.

What are Good Manners?

A well-mannered person respects the feelings of others in his environment. He never discriminates between people and treats everyone equally. Modesty, humility, kindness and courtesy are the essential qualities of a well-mannered person.

Must have Good Manners.

Although there are traits of good morals, some are essential. Some of these good manners that we can practice in our daily life are:

  • We should learn the habit of sharing things with others.
  • We should treat others with helpfulness, politeness and humility in every possible way.
  • We should use the words “sorry”, “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “need time” when necessary.
  • We should treat our teachers, parents, other elders and elders rightly and humbly.

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