Impact of Social Media on Youth Essay in English

Impact of Social Media on Youth Essay

The Internet has become the basic need of today’s generation. Today, almost half of the world’s population uses the Internet regularly. In addition, the average number of social network users is growing every day.

Young people are the ones who prefer to use these channels to stay up to date with the latest updates and connect with their loved ones. However, social media is also having a number of negative effects on college and university students. It is therefore important to educate students on the best ways to use social media for positive results.

Impact of Social Media on Youth:

Social media has become a playground for the modern generation. They spend most of their time playing games, watching videos and making online connections. But at some point, they have lost interest in real-time. Many of them do not even have time to spend with their parents and other family members, resulting in a lack of emotional and social health.

Due to social media, the mood of the students has changed frequently. Many students take care of their appearance and that is why they always try to upload more beautiful pictures than their friends. A recent survey found that when someone uploads a profile picture, it immediately affects the mood of their friends. It often creates stress, anxiety, or fear about your identity as an individual.

When social media is used for social growth, learning and teaching, it can provide many positive results for learners. But they should analyze the difference between fake and real content.

Reports show that due to excessive use of social media, many students have deviated from their personal and professional development goals. Parents should advise their children to spend time on learning, meditation and yoga instead of wasting time chatting, liking and sharing.

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