Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay for Students

Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

The youth is the most active part of the country. Everyone knows that young people are an asset to the nation because young people are part of nation building. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the nation to develop it.

But the role of youth in nation building is more important than thinking. Young people should contribute to the nation by doing useful work in various fields such as education, health, technology, politics, etc.

We all know that young people face a lot of problems today. We have to give them equal opportunities in all fields so that they can succeed. First of all, they must be well educated to become competent and skilled people. If the youth are educated, they can adopt new ways for the development of the nation.

Young people are very energetic, they have the ability to learn and adapt to the environment. Our youth can bring social reform and improvement to our society. It is a fact that the development of the country is in the hands of its youth. Only the youth of a country determine the future of a nation.

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